Soul Motion™ is a contemplative, conscious movement practice, developed by Vinn Arjuna Marti. In this tradition, movement becomes a playful, surprising, and nourishing method to cultivate our capacity to be present with life. We spend time in movement and stillness, accompanying our creativity through relaxation as it unfolds through the body. We  deepen our sensory awareness, and our receptivity, to internal experiences and external surroundings. Through movement and stillness, with music and in the great song of silence, we generate a creative atmosphere of spontaneous, responsive individual and collective expression. 

In Soul Motion™ classes we are first supported to rest into ourselves, to bring our awareness to the breath, body sensations, gravity, and the support of the earth, and to unfold simple movement from this place of embodiment and listening. We create time to come home to ourselves, to accompany our ever-shifting, in-the-moment experience of living in gestures, breath, movement phrases. From this ground of embodied connection at home, we are supported to open the doors to resonant improvisation with others and to create and play with movement shapes in space among and around us together. 

In Soul Motion™ practice, we travel through four landscapes: 1) Dance Intimate:  “I am One”, 2) Dance Communion: “I am One with”, 3) Dance Community: “I am One with All”; and 4) Dance Infinite: “I am One with All One”. These landscapes are nestled among one another; they overlap; they are not linear.

In Soul Motion™, we explore several central platforms. 1) Pause Presence: rest, relax, empty, restore, expand and engage; 2) Echo Inspiration: attune, resonate, offer, receive, and recreate; and 3) Orbit Orientation: open movement and perception to a 360 degree field, lift and soften the gaze, move through the open spaces among the movers in the room, play the movement range from the center of the body, that is heart and hara, to the the fullest extension into space.

In Soul Motion™ classes, the facilitator offers support for students to be as they are, to be honest, to be at ease, to nourish their own infinite creativity, to rest into stillness and dissolve into movement expression. We travel the landscapes and explore the platforms together. A class may emphasize one landscape or traverse all four (intimate, communion, community, infinite). Teachers may chose to focus on one or more platforms (echo, pause, orbit) in a particular class, to explore them with focus and creative depth.

During classes Soul Motion™ teachers offer spacious and focused support for exploration; we offer clear, varied inquiries for discovery, and lots of open space for play. Participants are encouraged to find freedom in the inquiry form, to unfold creative variations, and to intentionally drop the project of inquiry, to go where the movement moment leads you, and simply enjoy the beauty of movement and stillness as it moves through your being, your body, and the community, spontaneously.

Participants are invited to extend the inquiries and discoveries from the dance floor into our everyday dance: bringing playful, creative awareness to how we practice living and being, alone and together, in the day to day. 

No prior dance or movement experience is necessary. All are welcome. 

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