Soul Motion™ is a contemplative and playful conscious movement practice, developed by Vinn Arjuna Marti.

In this tradition, movement becomes a pathway to become more present and supple with life. We spend time in both movement and stillness, supporting relaxation into simple, instinctive, creative expression as it unfolds through the body. We generate a creative atmosphere of spacious, spontaneous relationship and connectivity, and deepen our sensory awareness and receptivity. 

What to expect when you come to class?

In Soul Motion™ classes we are supported to rest into ourselves through breath, body sensations, gravity, and the support of the earth, and to unfold simple movement from this place of embodiment and listening. From this ground of embodied connection, we are supported to step into improvisation with others, to create and play with one another through movement shapes, gestures, and phrases. 

While there is no choreography, facilitators offer themes for exploration, movement inquiries as jumping off points - such as shifting weight, or walking through space around one another, or rising and falling, or bringing awareness to the joints in conversation with one another. 

We usually play with an inquiry through different compositions of relationship: one on her own (dance intimate), exploring with one other (dance communion), moving in the collective (dance community),  and one among all that is (dance infinite).

In addition to time devoted to exploring an inquiry, Soul Motion classes offer spacious passages for the luxury of uninterrupted dance movement alone and together.

Participants are invited to extend the inquiries and discoveries from the dance floor into our everyday dance: bringing playful, creative awareness to how we practice being, alone and together, in the day to day. 

The Practice: