Katrina Curry

Certified Soul Motion Teacher


I simply love improvisational movement exploration, creative play, and physical adventures (especially outside in wild places). I so enjoy my Soul Motion practice and sharing this form of soulful, creative inquiry and freedom with others.

Soul Motion combines my most favorite pathways for developing presence. We move with diverse, expansive music, song, and the spacious intimacy of silence. We play with simple pedestrian movements into expressive movement liberated by explorations in gravity and the support of the earth. We unfold endless discoveries while shaping space together. We hang out together in curiosity about the mystery of this very moment as it is unfolding. We explore inquiries for landing at home in the magnificence of this creative body of muscles, bones, organs, waters, and breath, while tending the spirit of aliveness that currently lives there. So rich, creative, and nourishing a practice this is.

I have studied dance since I was a little girl, because it has always brought me directly to joy. I have trained in different forms of movement: ballet, tap, jazz, modern, hip hop, and Argentine tango. I'm also a registered yoga teacher, and a somatic & expressive-arts psychotherapist, and have trained in Movement-Based Expressive Arts, Dance Movement Therapy, and in Laban Movement Analysis & Bartenieff Fundamentals. I blend the fruits of these explorations in my teaching.


I was introduced to Soul Motion™ in 2006 and trained as a Soul Motion™ Teacher from 2007-2009. I have spent some rich, wonderful time immersed in this practice over the years since then: assisting founder Vinn Arjuna Marti frequently at his workshop offerings; and participating in support roles for students in the Soul Motion School in several Leadership and Teacher Training cohorts.

Soul Motion™ offers novel inquiries into relaxation. This practice helps people become more responsive to the present moment, more connected to their creativity and freedom of expression in groups. Soul Motion also helps us learn how to resonate and attune with one another. This creates a felt sense of belonging. This improvisational practice helps us to feel more at ease within and curious about the unknown, the mystery. Our movement inquiries begin on the dance floor, but also become doorways for exploration in our everyday lives. Come try it out. There is no prior experience necessary, just a willingness to explore and the courage to step in.


If you are curious to learn more about my services in somatic & expressive arts psychotherapy, counseling, and guidance, feel free to visit this link: https://www.katrinacurrymft.com. You can also find information there about the workshops, classes, and community art experiences that I facilitate. 

Have a blessed day in that moving body of yours!