Kat Snow:
Certified Soul Motion Teacher

Kat writes:
‚ÄčKat creates nourishing spaces for people to discover aliveness, presence and freedom in body and mind through Soul Motion practice.  Her classes draw people close to their own breath, their own ground, to awaken to surprise from the wisdom of the body in motion.

For Kat, Soul Motion is a journey to deepening her own wholeness and capacity for expression and open-heartedness.  Anything inside will come up on the dance floor, and Soul Motion is her pathway and practice for cultivating emotional freedom, deepening love of self and others, and generous-spirited gratitude. 

She knew from her first Soul Motion class at Esalen in 2007 that, one day, she would want to learn to teach this practice of embodied aliveness.  

Kat loves discovering herself doing movements she's never done before, arising from hidden spaces within like life arising from the all-nourishing abyss.  The Soul Motion teaching of "the space between" is Kat's current area of deep exploration and play, improvising with the subtle energy in the space between people, between the body's joints, between tissues, between ground and feet. 

Soul Motion can connect us with our deeper nature as Earth, embodied, and breath, inspirited. Kat finds in this practice a way to align herself with life, unfolding, as it has for 13.7 billion years. This offers her a ground of hope amid the devastation of a changing climate. "The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice," said Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in 1965, and Theodore Parker a century before him. The arc of Earth's evolution is also long, and it bends toward Life -- squirming, oozing, slipping, rollicking, ungainly and graceful Life. Bodies in motion, pausing, reaching, dropping, spiraling, and extending.

Kat is the Senior Editor at KQED Science, and has been a reporter, editor, and host in public radio for three decades. She finds that sound unfolding through storytelling is a mirror of the body's energy unfolding through motion. And she brings her years of experience in the interplay of sound to her classes in the interplay of breath and body.