Class Schedule: Two Current Sacramento Classes

1st & 3rd Saturday Mornings, in Curtis Park

Soul Motion Odyssey: Begin Again

A morning journey through the four landscapes of Soul Motion: dance intimate, communion, community, and infinite. Teachers offer a particular focus to support participant's movement inquiry and spacious, creative structures for exploration. Participants are supported to find freedom within the form. 

When: 10:20am-12:20pm

Where: Sierra 2 Center, Movement Studio 2 (accessed though the parking lot off 4th)

Address: 2791   24th Street, (at 4th), Sacramento 

Tuition: $15 drop-in, or class card of 5 classes for $60

Facilitated by: Iko Miyazaki, Kat Snow, and Katrina Curry


2nd Saturday Afternoons, In Midtown

Body Songs: Improvisations 

Time to land into your body, connect with earth, gravity, and breath, tune your creative instrument, and then play together in experimental forms of movement improvisation. We craft a welcoming atmosphere of spaciousness, inclusion, and exploration, working with diverse scores to support release, connection, aliveness, and freedom of expression. In this class we sometimes weave movement with art making.

When: 3:30-5:30pm

Where: Step 1 Dance & Fitness

Address: 1920 T Street

Tuition: By donation, often a fundraiser for humanitarian causes

Facilitated by: Katrina Curry